Prisma Mission

Our mission is to prepare learners to thrive in a rapidly changing world. To thrive means to be equipped to engage in fulfilling work, form positive relationships, and cultivate well-being; while being driven to create a positive impact. Studies show that 65% of today’s elementary school students will work in careers that are yet to be invented. The Prisma curriculum is designed with this reality in mind. We strive to be the best school in the world at creating learners who thrive because they have the skills to teach themselves anything and have the mindset to navigate uncertain situations.

In addition to mastery of core academics, Prisma learners also develop the Prisma Powers (the skills to succeed as a lifelong learner), Foundational Knowledge (concepts & context needed for future academic success and to understand the world), and an Impact Orientation (the mindset to take action to make a positive impact on their community or world).

The Prisma Powers

Foundational Knowledge

Impact Orientation