Victoria Ransom and Alain Chuard are the founders of Prisma. They are repeat entrepreneurs who’ve spent most of their careers in technology. Like so many parents, their worldview changed upon the birth of their three children. Suddenly the world’s challenges and its rapidly changing future felt very urgent and very personal. How, they wondered, could they prepare their children to thrive in a tumultuous, ever-changing world where they can’t even begin to imagine the careers that will exist? They saw their young children’s passion for learning, joy for life, and supreme confidence and felt sure they’d be ok. But then they heard about older children who hated school, who struggled with anxiety or depression or bullying, who were shells of their former happy selves. Might this one day be their kids? This was the beginning of their quest to completely reimagine school. Prisma is for their children and, hopefully, for yours too.